A native of Gainesville, FL, Mohammad Sherif attended the University of Florida and graduated from the College of Journalism in 2003. After practicing briefly as a journalist, Mr. Sherif attended the Florida State College of Law where he obtained his law degree in 2007.

Mohammad Sherif began his legal career working as a Regulatory Attorney and as a Senior Litigation Attorney for the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation ("OIR") in Tallahassee. While working at the OIR Mr. Sherif received an award from the Insurance Commissioner commemorating his successful litigation achievements on behalf of the State of Florida. Additionally, Mr. Sherif gained extensive experience in regulatory matters and litigation issues involving Florida licensed insurance companies.

In 2010, Mr. Sherif moved back to his hometown and worked as an in-house counsel for Nationwide Insurance. Mr. Sherif's practice focused heavily on residential and commercial property claims coverage matters, litigation strategies and enterprise risk management.

Mr. Sherif left Nationwide in 2012 to become General Counsel and Secretary for insurance companies domiciled in Florida and New York. As General Counsel, Mr. Sherif coordinated the litigation defense for both companies, advised on regulatory matters, developed products and forms, and conducted in-house trainings to company adjusters and underwriters.

Mr. Sherif's extensive insurance experience provides salient insight to understanding the operations of an insurance company, which provides Mr. Sherif the ability to better advocate on your behalf.